Frequently Asked Questions.

1- What the... ?

Yes, im using the faq from my old portrait site. Shamelessly.


2- I see, how did this start?

I was bored. My 1st portrait was made on April the 6th 2004, the first day I put my hands on Photoshop. To practise, you know... and I thought making portraits of people I knew was much more interesting than random people.
Right now im creativeless and my inspiration is gone... though id like to draw other stuff that are not portraits. I think my worldmap was pretty. :)


3- But I thought Jude Law wasnt a modder ?

Yeh, but he's hawt.
EDIT: Yeah uh... i changed my mind after i saw him naked :( That totally killed my imagination...
Btw: im just being lazy to edit this faq number so ill leave it.


4- I want a portrait too!

No way, im retired.


5- Can I sue you?



6- What program do you use to make all this marvellous things?

Photoshop!! :D


7- When are you going to make a portrait of yourself????//

Ugh.. as soon as I can be arsed to take a decent picture of myself... Edit: did it.


8- How long does it take to make a portrait?

Depends on how frustrated I am. From 2 hours to 2 days.


9- And how do you make them?

I press buttons and move the mouse.


10- Why don't they look like BG portraits?

Because I hate the BG portrait style. However, I did use armor from the original BG portraits for some of mine, but thats as far as it goes. I have my own style, which I like much more.


11- How come you made a portrait pack?

A lot of people told me very nice things like: "I'm SO going to use this in game!". Please, don't let me stop you! :) I had the gallery, but the portraits didnt have the right size, format or name. Max gave me the idea of making a IAP. Later on, when people suggested some could be NPCs, I got to the conclusion that it should be a WeiDU mod. And here comes Andyr into the picture ;)


12- I thought you hated Imoen, why are you Imoen in your portrait pack?

Uh... who knows.
Ps: Yeah, I still hate her, if I ever use my portrait as Imoen's I'll be still CTRL+ Ying her.


13- Your writing... sucks...

I'm sorry, I'm spanish.